Suqian Guangzhi Management Consulting Services Co., Ltd.
Suqian Guangzhi Management Consulting Services Co., Ltd. is a large management consulting company which specializes in real estate, production, subsistence intermediary and information consulting services. It enjoys adequate social resources as it has a good cooperation with Nanjing University, Peking University and Fudan University and Zhejiang University.
Its customers come from machinery, pharmaceuticals, textiles, clothing, tobacco, beverage, chemical, petrochemical, electronics, construction, leather, printing and dyeing, electric power, light industry, metallurgy and casting, hotel services and many other industries. Adhering to the enterprising spirit of "credit first and service first¡±, Guangzhi looks forward to working with customers at home and abroad for common development.
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Company Address£º Huashan Road, No. 109, Suyu Economic Development Zone, Suqian City
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