Suqian Guangtai Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd.
Suqian Guangtai Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd. specializes in non-securities equity investment activities and related consulting services. It develops its business all over the country, focusing on investing in brand consumption, amusement and recreation, Internet and wireless applications, new media, culture and art supplies production and sales and other cultural fields. Meanwhile, it also pays close attention to the enterprises with the core competitive advantage in the new agricultural, biomedical, advanced manufacturing and other sunrise industries, which involves various stages of the start-up, growth, maturity, and industry consolidation. The company has a management team with extensive industry experience in the field of culture, securities and so forth.
Established itself in Jiangsu, the company runs business all over the country by adhering to corporate culture of ¡°credit first and service first". We look forward to working with customers at home and abroad for common development.
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