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Based on Suqian Guangbo Industrial Investment Co., Ltd., Suqian Guangbo Holding Group, or Suqian Guangbo Group for short, is an enterprise group of light industrial stationery materials, real estate and capital operation.
The Group consists of Jiangsu Boqian New Material Co., Ltd., Suqian Guangbo Wenyi Technology Co., Ltd., Suqian Guangheng Real Estate Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Guangxin New Special Equipment Engineering Co., Ltd., Suqian Chunxun Craft Co., Ltd., Suqian Guangsheng Trading Co., Ltd., Suqian Guangtai Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., Suqian Guangzhi Management Consulting Services Co., Ltd. and so on.
Suqian Guangbo Group is committed to the development of new materials, new electronics and other competitive industries, with a number of domestic and international patents for inventions of new nanotechnology materials, automotive electronics and so on. Its new material company became the country¡¯s largest and the world's second largest high-end manufacturer of nano-metal materials through continuous industrial transformation and upgrading, high-end nickel powder production of which will account for 15% of total production in the world.
With high tolerance and open mind, Suqian Guangbo Group will continue to actively learn management experience and corporate culture from world-renowned enterprises, create abundant market values ​​and cultural ideas for the society constantly, and strive to become a pioneer in diversified industries.

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