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Our company won the title of "top 50 industrial enterprises of Suqian in 2019"
°l²¼•rég£º2020-3-17 üc“ô´Î”µ£º2292

On the afternoon of March 17, the city's high-quality industrial economic development and investment promotion conference was held in Luoma Lake Headquarters Economic Conference Center. Our company won the titles of "top 50 industrial enterprises in Suqian City in 2019" and "national intellectual property advantage enterprise".

Zhang Aijun, secretary of the municipal Party committee and director of the standing committee of the Municipal People's Congress, said that the top 50 industrial enterprises in Suqian city are the backbone to achieve steady progress and steady improvement in the industrial economy of Suqian City, and have made outstanding contributions to the economic development of Suqian city. He hoped that the majority of entrepreneurs would recognize the general trend, strengthen their confidence, do a good job in the resumption of work and safety, focus on the main business, keep improving, take the initiative and shoulder the actual responsibility, and make a greater breakthrough in the new round of development.

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